BeBetween is a creative agency that combines the world of design with that of communication. From the building of a brand, brand re-positioning, internationalisation and all these instruments that a company needs to grow.

This may include corporate identity, storytelling, retail concept, digital strategy, publicity campaigns, event design… The Works!

BwBetween is based in Italy and South East Asia, the creative team embraces the idea of design as a specific strategic factor in the entire communication process.



Valter Strambio & Nico Potenza

Over 30 years experience in the high end Italian furniture sector both as ex retail store owners, designers and for the past 10 years UK representatives of a meticulously curated collection of Italian furniture companies with whom they have worked/collaborate with, in order to provide highest quality products, services and tailor solutions.

As each project has its own unique requirements, Valter Strambio & Nico Potenza will assist you throughout the entire process from the quoting stage through to a satisfactory delivery and installation.